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KSD Lanyard Co.LTD
Add:33#xiajiayuan(guiyuan) Economic and technological development zone,Kunshan Jiangsu 215300 China

 Our clients often call or email for asking some similar questions,so we list some ones as below for you reference first as well.

  Q:hat's your Minimun order quantity?

  A:There is no MOQ in our company.even one piece we are also very pleased to make for you

 Q:How could I to place one order?

 A:we have experienced sales representive to serve you,from advicing the best choice according to your request and budget,providing artwork to further confirm before starting production,sample needed first is also no problem for 100% guaranteed on quality before mass production,Clear picture will also be sent to you for further confirmation again before shippment.

 Q: How will you ship my orders to me?

 A;We will ship your each order to you via Fedex,UPS,DHL.TNT or as your own forward,just please feel free let me know your delivery address & telphone number.

Q:How could I do if there is some complaint?

A:Donot worry and just feel free to email us at:

We have special person to reply you in 24 hours and as long as it's our fault,we will take the responsibility.

Q:Will you be assured of our information not let the third part known?

A:Yes,that's sure.

Still have questions?

We would love to answer any questions that you might have regarding your lanyard order. Customer satisfaction is our priority and that is why we so different than other companies out there. Although we are an internet based company you can rest assured that we will work with you to create and deliver a quality product. We want to earn your business and will do whatever it takes to make YOU our next satisfied customer! Please feel free to send your any questions to :

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Add:33#xiajiayuan(guiyuan) Economic and technological development zone,Kunshan Jiangsu 215300 China
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